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GS Sunray 60

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Energy saving, durability and efficiency – these are the features that define our lamps!

The design is related to our high-power models and also serves a passive cooling system. Each light is equipped with a switch, which adjusts the spectrum to the vegetation or flowering phase.

The light has two working modes:

GROW – Allows to switch between VEG/BLOOM and this changes the spectrum proportions to optimize growth in the vegetation phase and flowering/fruiting in the bloom phase.

INSPECTION – For working/observing plants under light suited for the human eye.

The smallest model in our offer, with 60 W power draw, perfectly suited for small areas or as supplemental light.

Energy saving, durable and efficient – ideal for ecological growers – both for amateurs and professionals.

Common applications of GS Sunray 60

– Florists
– Offices
– Hotel
– Restaurants
– Home gardens


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Power: 60W
Power source manufacturer: Mean well
Power source wattage: 1x 60W
Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Electric current: 600mA
Voltage: 30V
Power source warranty: 5 years
Power source dimensions and weight : 165 x 40 x 30mm / 450g
LED manufacturer: OSRAM
LED power: 3W
LED quantity: 31
Light angle: 80°
Spectrum FIXED: 445nm,450nm,660nm,730nm, 5000K white








Working modes: Inspection/Veg/Bloom
Dimmable: No
Available versions: Flower (full)
PPFD ( μmol/m2/s 50cm above plant canopy) : 195 μmol/m2/s

PPDF VEG/ Dark Room

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PPDF VEG/ Tent with silver padding 200D

[gm album=271]
PPDF VEG/ Growspec tent with white padding 1680D

[gm album=272]
PPDF Bloom/ Dark Room

[gm album=273]
PPDF Bloom/ Tent with silver padding 200D

[gm album=274]
PPDF Bloom/ Growspec tent with white padding 1680D

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Moles per hour\ mol/m2/h (100cm above plant canopy) : 0,7mol/m2/h
Maximum DLI (50cm above plant canopy) : 16,84mol/m2/d
HID wattage equivalent: 100-150W
Cooling: Passive – high efficiacy radiator
Avarage working temperature (full on) FLIR thermal came: 57oC
Maximum registered working temperature (mid summer +32°C outside): 60°C


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Lifespan: Up to 100.000h (31yrs)* -15/20% after 85.000h
IP protection: IP65
Material: Extrusion Aluminiun
Dimensions and weight: 185 x 100mm, 3kg
Packing size + set weight: 200 x 220 x 220mm, 5kg
Certification: CE
Set contains: 60W LED light, power source, 1xplug (EU), manual
Warranty: 3 years


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