Green house

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Grow salad in greenhouse pure eco frendly agriculture
Grow salad in greenhouse pure eco frendly agriculture

The climate condidtions in Central and Northern Europe does not provide enough light for the plants to reach their maximum size. Variable day and night cycle and cold winters disable the possibility of year-round cultivation. That is exactly why the under cover farms became so popular, especially on an industrial scale like greenhouses, special halls, tents. Choosing suitable lamps and accessories allows to ensure growing conditions identical to the natural and with a little bit of experience we can even manipulate the taste of fruits or vegetables grown.

LED panels prove themselves the best in cultivation of:greenhouse-1455625

– Vegetables and fruits
– Herbs and micro herbs in compact farms without sunlight
– Potted and cut flowers
– Seedlings

Replacing your current lighting system with LED lighting is:

– Decreased costs and grow time
– Guarantee of light spectrum tailored to the needs of your plants
– Longer lifetime and durability of the lighting system
– Minimalized need of the maintenance during exploitation