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Plantation of tulips in a greenhouse Agribusiness
Plantation of tulips

Potted, ornamental or flowering plants are a very desirable guest in our house. Each plant improves the visuals of the room while it also purifies the air. The advantages of having a plant can be told endlessly and there are no downsides. In return of its favors most plants only need a very little attention. Unfortunately, sooner or later we will have to face the problem of light and heat shortages, mostly in the cold winter time. As a result, despite the efforts, the plants become suscectible to diseases .

This is exactly why the LED panels were invented. They provide an appropriate light intensity throughout the year, thus providing the proper growing and development of the plant. The LED lamps are primarily used as the main source of light but may also be used as a supplementation light. The confirmation of the thesis of the full effectiveness of the LED lights is their use by professional florist.

Below are some examples of the plants which can be successfully grown under the LED panels:

– Orchid
– Ficus
– Cyclamen
– Potted roses
– Dionaea
– Guzmania
– Bromeliad