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Fresh tomatoes on black stone background
Fresh tomatoes

Everyone knows how important fruits and vegetables in our life are – they provide us the necessary nutrients and prevent many diseases, even cancer. Furthermore, diet rich of fruits and vegetables helps to fight overweight and obesity, slows down the aging process and it has a positive effect on the hair and skin condition.
With the onset of fall-winter period, which certainly is not conducive to crops, we are forced to buy the imported products. It is already known that the imported vegetables or fruits differ from the quality we are used to. What is even worse their taste is worse while the price is increased.In order to ensure the year-round access to the tasty and fresh fruits and vegetables the LED panels were created. Thanks to the LED technology, we can provide the right dose of light to our plants everywhere, even at home. The versatility of the modern lamps allows us to grow all kind of plants including the citrus fruits which are fruiting rarely in our climate, even under the natural sun.
The LED panel enables the possibility to create a suitable climate for most of the available plants, what gives us an invaluable opportunity to grow all vegetables and fruits at home.

Below we present you some examples of the year-round growing plants:

Fresh carrots

– Tomatoe
– Red pepper
– Carrot
– Onion
– Radish
– Lettuce
– Lemon
– Mandarine
– Avocado