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Herbs are present in our lives from the beginning of human history. Due to the beneficial effects on the human body they are a fundamental part of the natural medicine and are an essential ingredient of all cuisines in the world – they cure and added to a dish gives an unique flavor and aroma

Long days and high temperatures have a very positive impact on the plant growing. Thanks to that we experience a veritable festival of flavors in the summer because of the high availability of fresh herbs and spices. The situation gets complicated in autumn and winter when only a limited amount of sunlight reaches the Earth. Then we have to use the packaged products or use the supermarket seedlings whose quality is usually not adequate to their inflated price. Herb growing at home is very simple, requires only a little free space and only the basic knowledge of the planted species is required to get the satisfactory results. Purchasing a LED panel is enough to eliminate the problem of insufficient amount of heat and light at your home farm. We use a lot of herbs or spices which could be easily grown at home.
Below we present you a few examples of popular and easy to grow herbs:

Fresh green Italian basil on a white background. Closeup, selective focus
Fresh green Italian basil.

– Basil
– Oregano
– Thyme
– Rosemary
– Chive
– Dill
– Parsley
– Lovage
– Coriander
– Estragon

The fresh herbs in supermarkets are often overpriced. It leaves us with question whether buying the seedlings in the supermarket pays off while you can invest in a single LED panel and grow your own fresh and free herbs for a very long time, saving your time and money.