Advantages of LED lights

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1. Plants grow faster, are better developed and produce more nutrients and antioxidants.


2. LED panels are configured for the needs of the plants by providing best growing conditions. Each panel converts over 80% of the energy into light (HPS systems only 30%).


3. LED lamps are energy efficient – they consume up to 60% less power in comparsion to other popular systems like HPS or MH, while LEDs have better effinency.


4. LEDs have a much longer lifespan (up to 100 000h!). Life of the standard HPS is around 20 000h.


5. Use of the LED technology makes the light remain cold – lamps do not heat up, what eliminates the problem of excessively high temperatures in the indoor cultivation.


6. Luminous flux is focused- light from LED does not disperse like in other systems, no additional reflectors are needed.


7. Panels begin to work immediately after switching on.


8. LED panel is fully independent. It does not require any additional accessories like ballasts, cooling systems, air humidifiers or fans.


9. There is no need to replace the bulbs during lifetime of the LED panel. Price of the product is reflected by great quality and durability. Furthermore the lamps have a long warranty period.


10. Neither mercury nor lead are used in the production process, so the LED technology remains environment-friendly.


11. Lamps are ceritified with IP67 what makes them ideal for all kinds of cultivation: geoponic, hydroponic or aeroponic.

The only disadvantage (but only apparent) is the high price of a complete LED system compared to HPS, MH or CFL systems. However, if we take into account the above advantages, investment in the LED system will gain us profits greatly exceeding the basic price of the product.