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I have tested the Slim Spec 120 in my restaurant for the cultivation of herbs used in our kitchen. The herbs bought in the pots grow up noticeably faster and stronger. Even now, after the short period of testing, I can see real money savings resulting from the fact of having the indoor self-cultivation. I am very satisfied at this moment. Our plants look healthier and have a better aroma.

Na Masę Team Bar&Grill


Since the installation of two Growspec lamps in our flower shop, the attractiveness of the plant material has significantly increased. It is noticeable that plants that were losing their qualities after a few days (fall of color intensity, falling buds, yellowed leaves), now are still attractive and become even more attractive. As an experienced grower and person who runs a flower shop since 1997 I truly recommend this product to everyone.

Beata Wita, Owner of “Glorioza” flower shop


I am an amateur indoor grower. For many years I cultivated plants under HPS lamps. LED technology was too expensive and unattainable until now. Thanks to Growspec, I had the opportunity to test the GS Sunray 150 lamp in the cultivation of raspberry tomatoes, chilli peppers and herbs. The results were incomparably better than the HPS lamps. Plant growth was faster, plants were healthier and most importantly they retained the flavor of gardening. It is also worth mentioning that the electricity bill significantly decreased. I noticed that the temperature inside my room dropped by several degrees compared to HPS system which greatly facilitates the control of the growing environment.



I have to admit that the LED lamps borrowed from Growspec have brought me much better results than HPS lamps. My plants have a more developed root system, more intense colors and show more vigor.

Kowalczyk Krzysztof
Producer of paprika

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