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slilm spec OSRAM

Slim-Spec is a series of compact and flexible LED grow lights, designed for various cultivation systems.

The fixed spectrums we offer have been tested on various crops at the Polish Horticulture Institute – InHort in Skierniewice, the end-results have been described in various scientific dissertations by Dr. Bożena Matysiuk and Dr. Jacek Dyśko.

It’s a great solution for multi-layer systems, inter-lighting, seedling, supplemental lighting or any place imaginable where a flexible, easy to operate lightning system is necessary.

Fixed spectrum – Flowering/universal, germination/vegetation, herbs, leafy vegetables or fruit.

Passive cooled – The design and advanced electronics limits heating up and allows heat to dispatch easy.

Created by growers for growers – We use our lights on a daily basis in our homes and headquarters. This gives us a deep understanding of customer needs, extensive experiencing our own products allows us to steady improve ourselves and our portfolio.



Additional features

Daisy chain – Multiple panel connection method with wire, full control with one pad.

Custom fixed spectrum – On customers demand we can fix a chosen spectrum in our lights.

Heavy duty housing – The offered spectrums can be embed in a heavy-duty housing with IP54 rating. (see Slim-Grower)


– 4 available, custom made samples, were developed in cooperation with Inhort.



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Available sizes: 1200mm, 600mm
Power: 50W, 40W
Power source manufacturer: Mean well
Voltage: 24V
LED quantity: 44,22
Spectrum: Fruit








PPFD (μmol/m2/s 25cm above plant canopy): 200μmol/m2/s
Maximum DLI (mol/m2/d): 17,28mol/m2/d
Moles per hour (mol/m2/h): 0,72mol/m2/h


PPDF / Dark Room

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PPDF / Tent with silver padding 200D

[gm album=261]

PPDF / Growspec tent with white padding 1680D

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Material: Aluminium
Cooling: Passive
Avarage work temperature: 60°C
Lifespan: Up to 100.000h (31yrs) -15/20% after 85.000h
IP grade: IP40

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Dimensions: 1200x75x25mm,  600x75x25mm
Packing size: 1250x85x40mm,  650x75x25mm
Certification: CE
Set contains: 1x Slim-Spec (120 or 60)strawberry,power source, mounting clamps
Warranty: 2 years



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